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Be Safe and Validate!

Model Bliss Net cares for the Safety of our members.

If you are working with a new contact that you’ve never worked with, take time to Verify and Validate the identity of the person.

Ask for a list of references as well as websites that showcase their work.

Contact each individual on the reference and ask them about the new contact’s credibility.

Visit the new contact's Model Bliss Net Profile and review their Rates & Reviews.

Make inquiries with Model Bliss Net members with whom the new contact has worked (listed in the Credits section).

Apply Caution when you are presented with an offer that seems too good to be true.

Never give your personal information to anyone whose identity cannot be verified.

And always bring a Friend with you when you are working with a new contact that you’ve never worked with.

Use the and to help validate new contacts.

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Weekly Featured Member
Holyoke, Massachusetts

Sarlynn Weekly Featured Model Member
Weekly Featured Member
Stiletto Von Teese
Dayton, Ohio

Stiletto Von Teese Weekly Featured Model Member
Weekly Featured Member
Li’Ani Dior
Kansas City, Missouri

Li’Ani Dior Weekly Featured Model Member
Weekly Featured Member
Valentin Images
Photo Editor • Photographer • Talent Agent
Miami, Florida

Valentin Images Weekly Featured Model Member
Weekly Featured YouTube Video
David Hernandez
Riverside, California

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Beware of FAKE CHECK Scams

NEVER do business with anyone that asks you to DEPOSIT a CHECK and then TRANSFER FUNDS to OTHERS.

If you work with somebody that instructs you to deposit a check in your bank account and then transfer a portion of the money to others, you are being SCAMMED!

Days later, your bank will inform you that the check was COUNTERFEIT and that YOU ARE LIABLE for the amount withdrawn.


1) Find the BANK NAME on the face of the check.
2) SEARCH for the bank online, and visit the bank's official site to get the PHONE NUMBER for CUSTOMER SERVICE.
3) Tell the customer service rep that you'd like to VERIFY A CHECK.
4) Provide the BANK ACCOUNT and ROUTING NUMBERS from the bottom of the check.
5) Provide the AMOUNT of the check.

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